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August 15, 2011
Arktos Entertainment Group sells it's share in Online Warmongers Inc.
Arktos Entertainment Group based in Los Angeles, CA. announced today that it reached agreement with Cybergun SA - France based leader in airsoft toy gun industry to sell part of it's shares in Online Warmongers Group Inc. As part of the deal Arktos Entertainment Group and it's investment arm Arktos Pacific Partners LLC will sell some of it's shares in Online Warmongers Group Inc to Cybergun SA. Cybergun SA also agreed to invest additional capital into the company that will helps future development and upcoming launch of the Online Warmongers premiere title War Inc. Battlezone - world's first AAA quality free to play multiplayer shooter. After deal closing and approval Cybergun will own 50% of the Online Warmongers Group Inc. Arktos's CEO Sergey Titov will serve as President and Chairman of the Board of Online Warmongers Group Inc. Cybergun's John Steele and Frederic Chesnais will also join the company Board. "Our strategy is to promote The War Inc. Battlezone at retail using Cybergun's distribution network, and to incorporate in the game the brands and the airsoft products exploited by Cybergun" says Sergey Titov.
October 1, 2010
Arktos Entertainment Group leads new round of investment into Online Warmongers Group Inc.
Arktos Entertainment Group based in Los Angeles, CA. announced today that it leads a new $5M investment round to support the launch and operation of Online Warmongers's upcoming premium, free to play, online shooter game "War Inc. Battlezone." This round of investment is being led by Arktos Entertainment Group with the company's CEO Sergey Titov contributing as a private investor. Mr. Titov will begin serving as President of Online Warmongers starting October 1st. By leading this new round of investment , Arktos Entertainment Group shows firm commitment to supporting the extraordinary team of game industry professionals behind "War Inc Battlezone" and the initiative to launch the game.
September 19, 2009
Arktos Entertainment Group and Online Warmongers Group
Arktos Entertainment Group has invested into the company Online Warmongers Group. Online Warmongers was formed by a group of industry veterans from EA and Activision who worked on such titles as Dead Space and Call of Duty.